The Prime International Research Institute has been established to enhance research awareness among the academicians and also to facilitate the interaction among the proven senior researchers with budding and young researchers.
    The thrust areas of the institute include publishing the journal, books as well as organizing seminars/ conferences to facilitate healthy academic discussion and discourse.


   To be an institution of excellence in academic research and publication that continually responds to changing realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people-centred  society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all.

      The Prime International Research Institute has been formed to organise programmes to facilitate the development of competent and committed professionals for practice,research and teaching; undertakes research develops and disseminates knowledge; and reaches out to the larger community through publication, at the local, regional, national, and international levels.


    *To provide quality educational experiences that help researchers to achieve their educational and career goals with core learning skills applicable over their lifetime.

   *To preserve and promote  quality educational programs and services for researchers  and community members.

  *To maintain customized training programs that prepare learners for success within a global marketplace and develop their commitment to lifelong learning through clear thinking, effective communication, accepting diversity, and ethical decision-making.

  *To create and share responsibility for maintaining an institutional culture that models our core values, collegiality, creativity, diversity, leadership, and scholarship.

  *To provide and support excellence in instruction in all disciplines and program areas with an emphasis on encouraging the creation and delivery of exemplary learning experiences.

  *To maintain and develop internal and external partnerships that lead to the cooperative and coordinated delivery of unduplicated quality educational programs and services and quality economic, cultural, and community development.

   *To continually improve services that help researchers succeed.

      *To promote and publish original, high quality research
   *To organize workshops/seminars/conferences to facilitate interaction among the researchers, academicians and society as well.
   *To provide platform to researchers and entrepreneurs to exchange their ideas, knowledge and experience.




    In this age of cut throat competition, a group of intellectuals felt the need to have some platform, where young and budding academicians and researchers could express their views and discuss the problems among their peers.
   This journal was conceived with this intention in mind This journal has been introduced to give an opportunity for expressing refined and innovative ideas in this field. It is our humble Endeavour to provide a springboard to the upcoming specialists and give a chance to know about the latest in the sphere of research and knowledge.
    We have taken a small step and we hope that with the active co-operation of like-minded scholars, we shall be able to serve the society with our humble efforts. Prime International Research Journal is an International, interdisciplinary, peer reviewed online research journal with a focused aim of promoting and publishing original high quality research dealing with theoretical and scientific aspects in all disciplines.